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39 days, 12 hours, 38 minutes and 6 seconds
since the last Telesto bug:
Previous bugs:
Telesto damaging Sever boss through barrier
In the Sever activity, the boss can be damaged through the wall by shooting Telesto bolts at the energy barrier shielding it.
Telesto crashing the game for players approaching Banshee-44
At the launch of Season of the Haunted, players approaching Banshee-44 would be greeted with differing results, from including Banshee holding nothing, his model being glitched, up to a full game crash.
Telesto damaging generator from below in final Proving Grounds boss phase
In the final phase of the strike Proving Grounds, shooting Telesto on the ceiling below the shield generator will inflict damage to it.
Telesto bolts persist if they one-shot an enemy
If the Telesto Bolt kills an enemy with a single explosion, it will not disappear after explosion and will explode multiple times until the bolt naturally despawns.
Telesto stops projectile based Supers
After the Telesto nerf, projectiles now bounce off the bolts. This includes projectile based supers, allowing you to stop them in tight spaces.
Telesto activates Tireless Warrior
Hitting an enemy Telesto bolt with your Throwing Hammer, then picking up your hammer will activate the Tireless Warrior buff, regenerating health.
Telesto has more new bugs than would fit into this title
Just... watch the video.
Telesto enables itself while disabled (again)
Despite being disabled, Telesto is still usable in the Clash gamemode.
Telesto enables itself while disabled
Despite being disabled, Telesto is still usable in the Freelance mode of Trials.
Telesto blocking Golden Gun like Kevlar
Covering a teammate in Telesto bolts can block massive damage like a bulletproof vest.
Telesto instantly recharging Grenade and Melee
With the Thermal Swap modifier active in a Vanguard strike, destroying Telesto charges with a Solar weapon will return energy to the abilities. This effect is increased when equipping the Stasis subclass, instantly regaining both abilities.
Telesto generating a lot of Orbs of Power
With the Thermoclastic Blooming mod equipped, players could place several Telesto charges on the ground and destroy them with a Solar melee, granting an Orb of Power for every single bolt destroyed.
Telesto creating a Stasis Diamond Lance
With the Diamond Lance Stasis Aspect equipped on a Titan, throwing a Glacier Grenade on a charge of Telesto bolts will immediately create a Diamond Lance.
Telesto doubling damage with Energy Accelerant
With Energy Accelerant equipped, Telesto dealt double damage. (yes, that simple.)
Telesto damaging shielded Bracus Zahn
In the Arms Dealer strike, Telesto could damage Bracus Zahn while he was shielded by a tower energy shield.
Telesto killing the game
In 12-man raids, rapidly having all players fire Telesto bolts at the ground will crash the game... for everyone.
Telesto killing enemies through the floor
In the Fallen S.A.B.E.R. strike, after going out of bounds, firing Telesto at the ground from below allowed killing the enemies inbounds.
Telesto destroying fuses in Presage
In Presage, firing Telesto at the ground before starting the Trash Compactor part would destroy the fuses before the encounter even started.
Telesto activating Devour
After activating Devour, shooting at a charge of Telesto bolts triggered Devour's effects.
Telesto instantly regenerating melee
On Top Tree Sentinel, meleeing a charge of Telesto bolts would instantly regenerate your melee charge.
Telesto activating Cross Counter
With an Arcstrider subclass with Liar's Handshake equipped, meleeing a charge of Telesto bolts would activate Cross Counter, giving the player a one-hit melee attack for a few seconds.
Telesto regenerating grenade on kill
Equipping Verity's Brow and getting a kill with Telesto would activate Death Throes. Shooting and then punching a shot of Telesto bolts on the ground would amplify the effect to x5, instantly regenerating your grenade.
Telesto instant-shooting
Activating Telesto's multikill perk on the last shot would allow you to insta-shoot the next shot.
Telesto and Smoke Bomb doing damage through walls
Covering a Smoke Bomb on a thin wall with Telesto bolts would make Telesto deal damage through the wall.
Telesto and Smoke Bomb acting as a flashbang
Covering a Smoke Bomb with Telesto bolts would amplify the Smoke Bomb blinking, 'flashbanging' everyone in the vicinity.
Telesto bolts counting as finishers
Using a combination of the Card Shuffle emote, Quickfang, and the Special Finisher and Heavy Finisher mod, the player could enter a transcendental state where each kill counted as a finisher. In this state, with the Special and Heavy Finisher mod glitched into the same place, each Telesto bolt would spawn a Special brick and a Heavy brick, as well as activating class-related buffs. (Editor note: This bug is probably the craziest on the list. Can you believe that the Telesto part isn't even close to the most important part of this bug? Do read into it if you have the time.)
Telesto extending Knock 'Em Down
After getting the Knock 'Em Down buff on Bottom Tree Gunslinger, destroying Telesto bolts extends the buff. This can be repeated indefinitely. This was discovered more than a month before it went viral, but the poor guy never got the recognition he deserved.
Telesto activating ability buffs
Telesto bolts, when used appropriately, activate the abilities of Middle Tree Sunbreaker, Middle Tree Sentinel and Middle Tree Gunslinger. This still works with Gunslinger.
Telesto bolts teleporting into Ward of Dawn
Shooting a Telesto charge on the *outside* of a friendly Ward of Dawn would teleport the bolts to the *inside* of the bubble, allowing you to kill enemies hiding in the bubble.
Telesto granting infinite ammo in combat
Equipping the Heavy Handed mod which granted free ammo on Fusion Rifle kills while surrounded, the game would count the Telesto bolts as enemies, counting the player as 'Surrounded' on every kill, regenerating ammo with every shot.
Telesto granted massive progress in the Menagerie
Telesto's bolts were considered allies instead of enemies to reduce the likelihood of bugs. This meant you could shoot Telesto through the finish line of the Menagerie activity Gauntlet and have it count as your teammates finishing the race.
Telesto glitched out if equipped while disabled
As a result of the previous bug, Bungie disabled Telesto. If you still had it equipped... weird things happened.
Telesto + Ashes to Assets = Instant Super
Equipping the mod Ashes to Assets, which granted Super energy on Grenade kills, and then throwing a grenade on a bunch of Telesto bolts would instantly grant the player their Super.
Telesto damaging Gahlran before encounter start
In the raid Crown of Sorrow, placing Telesto bolts on the inside of Gahlran's shield and dying would deal damage to Gahlran, eliminating Deceptions and reducing his health before the encounter even started.
Telesto ending Blind Well rounds early
In a Blind Well round, dropping Telesto bolts and then shooting them would count the Telesto bolts as enemies, instantly progressing to the next round.
Telesto reloading itself
After moving to the Energy slot, Telesto's "Harbinger's Pulse" perk, which reloaded Kinetic and Energy weapons on multikills, now meant that it reloaded itself on multikills.
Telesto crashing someone else's game
Dropping many Telesto bolts on a teammate would straight up crash their game.
Telesto destroying Injection Rig vents
Shooting Telesto on the outside of the vent covers in the Injection Rig Public Event would destroy the (covered) vents, granting an easy Heroic Public Event.
Telesto + Memory of Felwinter + FR0ST-EE5
With the Memory of Felwinter artifact equipped, players gained two melee charges. Throwing two smoke bombs and shooting them with Telesto would generate an orb, as all double kills with smoke bombs did. Sprinting with FR0ST-EE5 regenerated melee, quickly giving you as many orbs as you had Telesto ammo.
Telesto released in Destiny 2
Telesto + Gjallarhorn = Orb City
Telesto triggered Gjallarhorn's Wolfpack Rounds, generating one orb per Telesto bolt when shooting them with Gjallarhorn.
Telesto negating Juggler modifier
With the Nightfall modifier 'Juggler' active, ammo four your equipped weapon would not drop. Shooting Telesto and then switching before the bolts exploded would negate that effect, dropping Special ammo.